Quick Quote for Individual Professional Liability Insurance

Answer the below question to get a Quick Quote, then complete an application for individual professional liability insurance.

Please select the healthcare profession for which you hold the highest credentials or standards appropriate, as mandated by your state statutory guidelines. If you are a student, and do not currently hold a healthcare license or certification, please select your primary area of study. (Student Nurse Practitioners, please see instructions under Question 4.)

  • Coverage is not available for Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists or Midwives.
  • If you are licensed or credentialed in more than one healthcare profession, and therefore need to apply for dual coverage, please call 1-800-982-9491.
  • If you currently hold a healthcare license or certification while enrolled in school to obtain a second license or certification, click here.
  • Don't see your profession in the drop down list? Please call us at 1-800-982-9491. HPSO offers coverage for more than 160 professions.

You provide services on behalf of an entity you do not own, receive a W-2 form from your employer, and pay your own insurance premium.

  Self-Employed OR your employer pays your insurance premium:

You provide services on behalf of an entity you do not own as an independent contractor and pay self-employment taxes using a 1099 form, or your employer pays your insurance premium. (If you are incorporated with or without employees, please call 1-888-288-3534 for more information.)


You are a first-time student who does not currently hold a healthcare license or certification. If you are a Student Nurse Practitioner, please select your area of Nurse Practitioner study for Question 2 and the Student designation, as this will automatically include coverage for your license as a Registered Nurse.

If you currently hold a license or certification as a healthcare provider, but are a student in another healthcare profession, please call Customer Service at 1-800-982-9491.

Rates, limits and coverage may vary based on state, profession, and employment status.

* Coverage is contingent upon approval of an application. If approved, you will be notified to select coverage to continue your enrollment.